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Thread: Open Carry In Shakopee March 24th weekend

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    Open Carry In Shakopee March 24th weekend

    Well the weather was great here in Shakopee, MN so I open carried everywhere I went. It was my first open carry to other locals this year, mainly because it was too hot for another layer to conceal.

    All places mentioned are in Shakopee proper. Open Carried in Cub, Taco Bell (Ya needed my fix), SA on Marshall, Dairy Queen and walking in public in general. Didn't have one person say anything to me directly. Had one women's eyes go wide at DQ, her husband told her to relax almost immediately. Had one girl about 12 years old notice my Walther at my hip, looked at it, looked at me and smiled. Don't know what was going through her head but she seemed to like the idea.

    All in all, no problems. I still need to get a recorder though.

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    Props on a good experience with no hassles or "probably cause" assertions on the part of local law enforcement!

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    That's awesome, I open carried at the cubs again but the Leo (different one) there probably didn't see my Sig as he didn't say anything. Gonna do more oc'n this summer for sure!

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