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Thread: Score #2 for Milwaukee - permit holder stops robber

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    Score #2 for Milwaukee - permit holder stops robber

    "MILWAUKEE ó A would-be victim says his concealed carry gun was the reason a criminalís intentions were stopped cold. He says investigators told him itís possible the man who tried to rob him Saturday night could have robbed others this weekend."

    I bet crime seriously goes down in Milwaukee, once word gets out.

    I always wondered if criminals start changing their tactics and approach after more of this happens. Either way, between this and the Aldi robbery stop, this is a good sign that people are carrying and proof that it's working.

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    That's what I've said about the drawback of passing CC. Crime will go down in Milwaukee and Flynn will take the credit for it.

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    Herr Heckler Koch
    FOX6 News contacted Milwaukee police for comment on this story, but they did not return our email. Itís unclear at this time whether anyone is in custody in connection with this incident.
    MPD is running the scoreboard to prevent our side posting another point? It is early in the game, just four months into it.

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