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Thread: Trust But Verify: Lessons for the Empirical Evaluation of Law and Policy.

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    Herr Heckler Koch

    Trust But Verify: Lessons for the Empirical Evaluation of Law and Policy. 95 KB 17 pages
    Quote Originally Posted by John R. Lott
    I hope that a lot of people download this paper (available here). Here is the abstract of the paper:
    Quote Originally Posted by MLMZ
    In a recent article, Aneja, Donohue and Zhang claim that they are unable to replicate the regressions published by the National Research Council in Chapter 6 of Firearms and Violence. They conclude that the NRC regressions must have been based on bad data supplied by John Lott. The implication is that earlier studies that found that right-to-carry laws reduced crime were flawed because of bad data. However, we can replicate the NRC results with Lott’s original data and with the data set used by the NRC. The earlier studies are not flawed by bad data.
    For those unfamiliar with the controversy, John J. Donohue is a Stanford University economist and professor of law, best known for his criticism of More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws.

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    Thanks. I now have some reading to do.

    stay safe.
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    I would suggest that someone do some research into where Donahue's research funding comes from. I think THAT information would be more revealing as to the truth and veracity of anything Mr. Donahue has to say than anything that may be gleaned from arcane statistical analysis, but it's good that someone in academia has proved his claims to be false.

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