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Thread: Do you feel Florida's 'stand your ground' law is helpful or harmful?

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    Do you feel Florida's 'stand your ground' law is helpful or harmful?

    This is a Poll on CNN. Scroll down to the bottom. I think it needs some help...

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    Do you feel Florida's 'stand your ground' law is helpful or harmful?



    Total votes: 20542
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    The movement to repeal or modify the law sickens me if it actually happens it will be open season on good people who want to defend themselves !

    I am here:

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    Apparently one may vote early and vote often.

    While multiple voting in an opinion poll may be unethical, so, IMHO, are opinion polls conducted over the internet that allow multiple voting. Two wrongs do not make a right, and all that. But do you really think the anti's are limiting themselves to one vote only?

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