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Thread: Converted die hard CCer to OC today

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    Converted die hard CCer to OC today

    While at the DMV in Clintwood VA today(I realize that very few of you know where that is) to put in my chanege of address, I was standing at the counter. A very nice elderly lady approached me and stated "if I were you I would not carry my gun that way". I asked her why not, and she replied that she is afraid that someone would take it from me, she quickly added that she always carries one in her purse. So knowing that she was at least a 2A supporter we started a long conversation. Well without going fully into our conversation, I explained to her the expidency of carrying open on your hip verses carrying in your purse, and that most decent holsters it is not real easy for the person not wearing it to get the firearm out, and with proper self defense training there are moves and methods you can use to make it even more difficult. Once I explained all that I could(as I am by no means an expert), she felt that I had given her enough information to begin OCing, her and her son, whom already OC, does not even have CC permit( I know there is an idivdual on here who will appreciate that). She stated that her and her son where gonna go out tomorrow and find a holster for her gun.

    I want to add that she was very knowledgable about VA gun laws. I did lead her toward this site and VCDL.

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    Hey, that's awesome. Nice work!!!!
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    It's been a long time since I enjoyed reading a thread this much!


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    Wow that is really nice good very nice job and I love it also.

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    Very nice. I'm wondering if the prevention of even theoretical gun grabs from OC-ers, is more due to the absence of a 'gun' hanging out, handle or grip away from body. Further conjecture is that when I see people wearing a 4-5:00 hip carry, firearm canted in toward the body such that a person looking not only finds it blends into the body color-wise, but doesn't seem to offer a way to get a grip. Of course tactically, a simple retention style of holster is enough considering how rare 'gun grabs' are among regular citizens.
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    Excellent, paramedic!

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