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Thread: does anyone have kahr cm9/pm9 OR kahr p380 OR j-frame S&W?

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    does anyone have kahr cm9/pm9 OR kahr p380 OR j-frame S&W?

    The wife is looking at one of these after checking out a whole bunch of smaller firearms today. I'm hoping to find someone in the west bend area that might have one of these and would be willing to meet up so she could see how they shoot for her?

    edit: for j frame she is looking at model 442
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    I prefer the 9 over the 380 in the Kahr line. The 9s are miniscule already in the brand, about the size of others .380s. I'd suggest that. They are surprisingly easy to handle recoil wise due to the barrel being placed just above the heal of your hand.

    Good luck
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    My wife has a Kahr 9CW. Its a nice gun. I'm not partial to the trigger pull due to my glock, but its an accurate little pistol and my wife is pretty darn good with it. Highly recommended.
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    I have a Kahr MK9 Elite. All stainless and small enough that I can take it anywhere.
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    I had a Kahr PM9. Well made pistol. Shot well, light recoil especially for it's size. Small enough it could be carried in a pants pocket via a pocket holster.

    What I did not like was the magazines. I frequently had loose rounds in my pants pocket from a spare I carried. I carried the mags in a magazine belt holder to combat this and the same thing happened. Never had pistol mags that couldn't hold their cargo like that.

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