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Thread: OC Luncheon April 14, 2012 - Wyoming, MI

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    OC Luncheon April 14, 2012 - Wyoming, MI

    Open Carry Luncheon
    Saturday April 14, 2012 1:00 PM
    Denny's on 44th Street just West of US131

    Join us for good food, good conversation and information.

    Denny's is located on the North side of the street on 44th Street, Just west of US131

    Please RSVP to Steel Magnolia at no later than April 12th

    Bring your friends. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there.

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    HI Steel long time no see, looking forward to seeing you and shadow bear again.

    Like I say to all the other meet&eat's around me, I will make it if I am not busy, being it is so close to home this one I could actually make!
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    'If the people are not ready for the exercise of the non-violence of the brave, they must be ready for the use of force in self defense. There should be no must never be secret.' MK Gandhi II-146 (Gandhi on Non-Violence)-- Gandhi supports open carry!

    'There is nothing more demoralizing than the fake non-violence of the weak and impotent.' MK Gandhi II-153 (Gandhi on Non-Violence)

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