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Thread: pf9 retention holsters

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    pf9 retention holsters

    I'm looking for a decent but affordable (trying for $20-50, but please also consider higher priced options if you have experience with them) IWB and OWB and possibly shoulder holster for my kel-tec pf9. but i want it to have retention. alot of the ones i've been looking at look like you just "slide" the gun in and that's it. i currently have a fobus for it, and it's ok. but i do like the thumb break, or the index finger release type retention. i'm very active, always working on cars/bikes, and playing with my son, and i couldn't imagine wearing a holster that doesn't have something "holding" the gun in place. in my opinion, the fobus is the very least that i would accept, and even at that i'd like to find something better. not to mention more comfortable. specially since i'll be wearing it 24/7 including on the motorcycle which is my main transportation during summer.

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    It's a little above your price range but I highly recommend the Comp-tac Minotaur IWB holster. I have it for my PF-9 and it is great!!
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