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Thread: Traveling To Cherokee, N.C. -- Need Information About Carrying.

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    Question Traveling To Cherokee, N.C. -- Need Information About Carrying.

    Greetings, We're planning on heading to Cherokee, N.C. for the Bingo games on April 7th. I'm seeking accurate and detailed info from those that might be familiar with the gun laws in reference to carrying there.

    I am from Kentucky, we do not have carry licenses here other than concealed carry licenses. I do have my CCDW license in Kentucky. From my research, N.C. is listed as an OC legal state & they're listed as honoring the concealed carry license from Ky.

    My query is:

    1. Is N.C. truly an OC friendly state?
    2. Does N.C. truly honor the Ky. CCDW?

    In Kentucky, we have places that post anti-gun signs (Firearms Prohibited, Forbidden, etc.) but they hold no weight of law meaning that they are not legally enforcable other than a potential for Criminal Trespassing charge IF you're asked to leave and are foolish not to.

    3. Do the anti-gun signs in N.C. carry weight of law or not?

    For clarification, I'm not talking about the obvious Federally off-limits areas.

    In short, what do i need to know about OC & CC in N.C.? I hate to travel into another state and not be able to be armed for self defense.

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    welcome to NC...there is a flyer at the top of the NC thread that should give you a good start to review w/the necessary NC information you would need...might review this info and if there are specific concerns ping those back for clarification...

    now i know you mentioned the federal areas, but and understand i am not an attorney, but while living in NM ran into this concept...remember you might actually be on sovereign Cherokee tribal terrority which has a completely different set of OC/CC requirements which you might check w/chamber of commerce (?) and ask if you are on NC/Federal land or Cherokee and proceed from that premise?

    my five cents...


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    1- NC is generally OC friendly.
    2- your permit is perfectly fine and recognized here.
    3- signs carry the weight of law, particularly for CC. I would treat them the same for OC, particularly being out of state. No need to make an extra trip to clear anything up.

    Now, for Cherokee. I have tried to get an answer from the PD on CC. Never returned my call. Someone here got an answer and they are fine with CC from what they told me. Personally, I CC in Cherokee. I just don't want the additional hassle of dealing with any nonsense related to tribal laws.

    Handgunlaw tries to stay up to date on CC laws. I've dealt with Gary a few times and he tries hard to keep up with changes, more than most.

    Check out the OC map here for NC too.

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    tribal land

    I would also be interested in this as there is quite a bit of tribal land around this area. They have their own laws on the Cherokee reservation so what might be good for NC may not be so good on tribal land.

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