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Thread: Longmont OC - Murdoch's and Home Depot

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    Longmont OC - Murdoch's and Home Depot

    Spent the morning out and about. As it was a warm one today, I had a fitted tshirt and jeans, so there was no missing me OCing. I took my family including our Aussie Cattle Dog to Murdoch's to see the baby chicks per our spring tradition. The aisle of tubs of two dozen breeds was packed with families with the same idea. I was minding that my hound was behaving herself around the kids and birds. She did very well. I couldn't detect anyone being skittish of my sidearm. A couple of parents reprimanding their kids not to pet the dog they didn't know without asking. Every "excuse me, sir" from the staff was to ask if they could give her a treat. I eventually got out of the way and left my wife and daughters to look at the chicks and wandered around the store. No notice of OC and all attention to admiring my dog. Hot damn, I love Colorado.

    We went on to Home Depot and had no incident there. Just myself and older daughter went into the store. I ran into the district lecturer for my lodge and traded pleasantries. "I see we're packing today," he said. "Always," I smiled and shrugged. Spoke to several staff as we shopped and nary a bug-eye.

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    Sweet1 I'm glad you enjoyed your sunny and 80 degrees Colorado Day! I did, as well.

    Did you see the snowflakes outside, today? We're supposed to get 3" tonight...
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    I was gonna OC today or tomorrow on my new motorcycle. Stupid weather. Welcome to CO.
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    Two of my favorite stores! Sounds like you had a great day! As it warms up, I sure hope to see some fellow OC'ers as I go about my day. I stop in Longmont a couple times a month, so hope to see ya around!

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