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Thread: Triad Open Carry meetup

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    Triad Open Carry meetup

    for those of you who want to do an OC meetup, I am trying to get us together for thursday. I think we should go to five guys a la triangle carry meetup but if your opposed to that then please give me some suggestions. It's quite difficult to find a good affordable restaurant that doesn't serve alcohol in the area that I am aware of. Would like to hear from you guys, I wasn't able to make the last OC breakfast due to my work schedule, but hear you had a blast no pun intended. Have yet to meet other triad OC'ers and would like the opportunity to do so.

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    ps: 5 guys is very good tho i need to quit ordering a large fries...geeeezzzz
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    Where is this 5 guys located at? I might be able to make it, depending on where its located and what time you have it. I have a meeting at 6:30pm Thursday on Westchester in High Point. And I probable won't be able to make it for lunch if you wanted to do lunch. Friday would be easier for me to make, but if that does not work for you I will try and make Thursday and if I cant I will just make the next one.

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    The only 5-Guys I'm aware of in the area is on Hanes Mall Blvd.

    We had one at McAlister's Deli in High Point (by the Palladium Theater a while back without incident.

    While I offer suggestions, I will be unable to attend as I'm working late this week.

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    LAte to the party I know, but I figured I'd clarify that there's a Five Guys at Friendly Center in Greensboro.
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