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Thread: another "nut" on the run

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    Angry another "nut" on the run

    By no means I am here to "slander" anyone, but this guy/group is trying to slander our 2nd Admendment...

    Just received this letter/fax at my job... this guy has been sending his message to just about every fire department, police, church etc.

    He used a fake name I suspect [EDIT BY ADMINISTRATOR TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT] ... to sum up his 5 page fax....

    He's looking to get people to sign up to create a law in Missouri and KS, that EVERYONE who has a CCW, to "register" every gun you own, and have the state to charge us at lease $70 PER weapon (not gun, but lethal weapon) per year! And that if you don't "register" that we'll be fined $1,500 etc.

    He's trying to paint the picture that people with CCW's are criminals and need to be monitored and charged to have a weapon! Yeah, he's a true "nut", but he has also added information about where to send in the concers to the congressman etc. Within his fax, he is playing the "race card" too.

    The way I see it, him and others are a true threat. Of course missing the point that the criminals are the ones using stolen guns to commit crimes. Plus, you can tell that he doesn't realized that criminals are not going to register their guns....duh!

    But, I see that he's also trying to convice chruch members to join the band-wagon. And there are a number of chruch members who see's the use of any weapon "wrong".... this guy only needs 150,000 signtures to get the thing on the ballot for November.

    So, spread the word and warn people so they do not be suckered in to sign up for it.

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    It sure sounds like you need to send that 5 page fax to several politicians as well as the MOAG's Office. They'll likely consider it a misuse of emergency services fax units or spamming them. At a minimum that thing needs to get in the open to see what it's about. I'd suggest sending it to Tim Oliver straight away.

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