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Thread: Why does it take longer for Kentucky to process the CDWL than Ohio?

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    Why does it take longer for Kentucky to process the CDWL than Ohio?

    Why does it take longer for Kentucky to process the CDWL than Ohio?

    I was reading another forum about how long it takes to get a concealed carry permit in Ohio. There you go through a 12 hour course, you get the certificate the same day. Take it to the sheriff, go through the process and get the permit in a matter of days.

    One person took the 12 hour course on a Saturday, did the range time Sunday, took the certificate to the Sheriff Department Monday and received the CCW in the mail Wednesday.

    My question is three parts.

    Why does it take longer for Kentucky to process the CDWL than Ohio?

    Why can't the certificate be issued on the spot as soon as you pass the required course in KY?

    Is there any legislation or effort in the works to speed the process up in KY?


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    bureaucracy - administration characterized by excessive red tape and routine.

    All states are different in their process of issuing CDWLs.

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    Oh, when I read the thread title, I thought it was asking something different.

    I was gonna say because they're busy making better bourbon.
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    Kentucky's licensing system is much faster than Texas's system. At one time, it was a 6 month wait to get the license.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutshot View Post
    Our CCDW is recognized by 31 other states, more than any other license except Michigan's.
    Our license is recognized by 37 states, including vermont.
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