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Thread: How Often Do You Practice Draw and Fire Exercises?

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    Question How Often Do You Practice Draw and Fire Exercises?

    Howdy Folks!
    I just got curious how often do you practice draw and fire exercises?
    Remember, we aren't talking about live ammunition. Safety is top priority.
    Draw and fire exercises should be done with snap caps or unloaded firearms.

    Live ammo should be used only when on an appropriate range and safety foremost in mind!

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    Almost every weekend that I'm not at the range practicing. Keeps me on my toes. As well as keeps me proficient with the various holsters I have for various situations.

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    Out habit (probably a good one) every time I strap on my holster, I re-check the status of my firearm. To do that, I completely unload it, do a basic breakdown, inspect the barrel, firing pin, ejector pin, the internal working parts of the trigger and hammer, and a couple of other items. Takes about 15 seconds, but I'd rather spot a problem at this stage than when a BG is drawing down on me.

    It's at that state, unloaded and sans magazine, that I practice several draw-aim-fire drills.

    What I usually do is think of a color and walk into a room. If I spot the color, I'll draw and fire on it. For low-light conditions, I'll think of a shape.
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    Since I no longer shoot at a range with rules; I now shoot at a gravel pit, 300 yards from my house . My family and I shoot from the holster, and shoot at a bouncing target. Mind you we do keep range safety in mind, and make sure that the target stays in the area that is safe to shoot toward. My landlord owns the pit, and has even come down to watch us shoot, and has mentioned that it looks more fun, and practical then shooting at paper targets at the range.
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    Monthly on average, depending on weather. I don't like to do it in the house much, no matter what...
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    I voted for a couple times a month. However, it is more like a few times a week. Anytime I break down my firearm and clean and oil it I go through probably an hour and a half of draw and fire/house clearing drills. Only completely unloaded after I've broken the firearm down mind you, but I do that fairly often. Out on my live fire range it's probably once to three times a month depending on the amount of time and money I have at the time.

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