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    Jeepers! Grand Junction OC!

    Howdy Folks!
    We went out to Grand Junction to meet OC'er F350 and shake out the newly acquired 2008 Jeep Liberty we acquired last week. It was a fine ride out to the Western Slope, and we hit a Starbucks in Frisco. Naturally, I was open carrying and just as naturally, nobody paid it any mind. We also made a stop outside Frisco to take some photos of the Jeep, figuring it wouldn't be quite so clean later in the day. I had my sights set on taking the Jeep off road for a little 4x driving!

    Anyhow, we arrived in Grand Junction right on time and met up with F350 (who I learned is Bob!) at the Golden Corral!
    We had a fine late lunch and enjoyed lively conversation as we shared an hour or so of banter that ranged from life experiences to open carrying, to state 2a rights and our work lives.

    After chow, Bob was very gracious in guiding us out to the Colorado National Monument. The ranger at the gate explained it would cost me $10 bucks to enter the park. But also explained that folks over 60 (like me f'rinstance) gain an advantage. I could buy a card that would allow me into any national park anywhere in the USA.... for life! I asked how much that would likely cost. She answered $10 bucks. Tough choice! Should I pay $10 bucks for a trip through the Colorado National Monument one time, or buy the card that will allow me to visit all national parks everywhere in America for life... for that same $10 bucks? Real hard choice. I had to mull over that decision for maybe 4 or 5 seconds, but ultimately decided to buy that card!

    Bob showed us all around the best sights in the CNM park, and we took a heap of photos. You can see some of those in the following video clip I created today. Bob ended up being a real friendly fellow, a confident OC'er, and a terrific fellow all around. He showed us the monument sights and led us to the trail head for some off roading and we parted company with me bouncing down a dirt road with some suitable ruts, ridges and rocks to challenge. After breaking in the 4x4 on some backcountry trails, we headed back down to GJ, and I did a little metal detecting at one location. I found a silver ring with an actual turquoise stone, along with some clad.

    Anyhow, the video will give you a glimpse of our day. That trip to Grand Junction was a blast, we enjoyed ourselves immensely, and best of all, made ourselves a new friend on the western slope!

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    Nice ride, M!
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