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Thread: Glock 32

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    Glock 32

    I have bought a Glock 19 for my carry weapon. Im thinking about going to a bigger
    cal, .357 the Glock 32.

    I figure it cant be to much different than the G19 except for the bigger

    Its barrel length is also 4 inch and the weight is just a bit more.

    Id like to get an idea of how the guns recoil is but havent had time to rent one yet.

    My brother inlaw bought a s&w air light .357 revolver which is hard to shoot
    more then ten rounds through due to the small handle grip.

    I was just wondering about anyones thoughts on how the G32 feels.
    Id like to use it at the range as well.

    Also if you own this gun I hear you can drop in a .40 barrel and use it to shoot
    a .40 cal round have you tried that?
    Id rather look at my ugly Glock than shoot your fancy S&W.

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    If you don't know this the .357 sig round is different from the .357 magnum round.
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