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    I just wanted to say hello. First off my name is Tim and I'm 21. I am slightly new to all this and have yet to open carry. For me I want to be a little more proficient with my weapon and understand the law better. I think it would be great if there was a way to meet other OCer's. I am also planning on getting my CC but I don't know when as of yet.

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    Welcome to the forums! I'm new to OCing myself but as i continue to do it, it gets less stressful each time. i agree you should take some time and read through the forums and get to know the laws in your state specifically, and how to deal with a LEO encounter when it happens. these forums are very friendly and helpful if you have any questions just ask and someone will try to help if they can. i cant speak for your states forum but the Colorado OC'ers try to set up events at least once a month as a sort of meet and greet or way to hang out with fellow OC'ers so keep your eyes out in your area and hopefully you'll be able to meet some other OC'er close to you in person. Welcome again to the forums! stay safe


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    Welcome to the forums, honestly take the time and understand the laws for our state as best as you can before going out. If you have questions this is the best place to find the answers. If members here don't know they will either help you find them or point you in a good direction. It is quiet near racking your first couple times doing it, but start out small such as walking around your neighborhood (IE taking the dogs for a walk) and then start going to stores or places that guns are welcome in beyond a doubt. Also invest in a good voice recorder so if you’re ever stopped by a store employee or a police officer you have your butt protected from the he said she said. Also some recorders have password protections from “accidental deletion”, some officers are not the most honest individuals when they stop a person who is open carrying. If a store manager asks for you to leave, walk out quietly and respectfully. Yet get the persons info so when you send an email to that company you can give them a record of the events for your complaint and hopefully the manager is schooled on the stores policy so it will never happen to someone else or yourself again. If you chose to have a respectful conversation with a police or a store employee makes sure you can cite the law word for word as best as possible. Also call your local PD and see if they are aware that Open carry is legal and do they have a memo or written policy available that you can get a copy of. Some PD’s with be helpful and others won’t even make an effort to help you on this matter, also have a lawyer not necessary being paid for, but have one you know that specializes in gun rights on hand just in case the police abuse their authority and cross the line. It happens more than they like to admit. Again welcome to the forum
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