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Thread: Cold War Missile Silo Becomes Doomsday-Ready Luxury Homes for Preppers. NBCchicago

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    Herr Heckler Koch

    Cold War Missile Silo Becomes Doomsday-Ready Luxury Homes for Preppers. NBCchicago
    $2 million may be a small price to pay to weather the end of civilization as we know it in comfort.
    "Fear sells even better than sex," said John Hoopes, a professor in the anthropology department at the University of Kansas who has studied the spread of doomsday culture.
    Naturally, the condos come with elaborate methods for repelling rampaging hordes of cannibals and marauders. Reports AFP:

    The condo elevator will only operate if a person’s fingerprint matches its system, Hall said. Cameras will monitor a barbed-wire topped fence and give plenty of warning of possible intruders. Responses can range from a warning to lethal force. ”If they try to climb the fence we can stun them,” he said. “If they want to break into the system, we can put an end to that.”
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    I would without a doubt own/renovate one of these...
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    Out here where I live people have been buying and living in these for years. There is one 20 miles down the road from me, that a family lives in. It is currently for sale for 2.5mil I believe.
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