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    new to the site

    hello, my name is Brian and I'm 27. I am slightly new to all this and have yet to open carry. i want to know if i can open carry around my house an if its legal?? For me I want to be a little more proficient with my weapon and understand the law better. I am also planning on getting my CC but I don't know when as of yet. If anyone could help that would be great, is it legal in ohio to open carry in and around my house on my own property without a ccw or any kind of permit or license???

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    Welcome to OCDO. Glad to see another member swell the ranks.

    You will have better luck asking your questions in the Ohio forum .

    And I'll beat everybody over there by encouraging you to join Buckeye Firearms Association . They are the grassroots folks in Ohio and deserve your support and participation.

    stay safe.
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