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    Rep. Smiley

    Just got back from talking to Charles Smiley about SB59. I went to McD's OC and got a coffee and signed in to chat with him and waited for a couple people ahead of me to finish up with him. I had a great discussion with him and his aids and he stated he could support the bill in principal initially but of course had to hear the debate in the house and see exactally what it contains. He mentioned that when the state went shall issue the predictions of blood in the streets never came to pass. I also said I didn't understand why the state had to butt into private property rights by making it against state law to carry in certain business when the owners can already ban it if they so choose so In the name of less government intrusion he needed to support it as well. NOW I KNOW IT HASN'T MADE IT TO THE HOUSE AS YET but I considered it a preemtive strike to talk to him about it NOW. I think it was time well spent. A big +1. on this.

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    Good to hear. If your Senator is having such a meeting soon you should also reach out to him/her.
    Call for a cop, call for an ambulance, and call for a pizza. See who shows up first.

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