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Thread: Sheriff Normand answers LOCAL/OC question on WGNO

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    Sheriff Normand answers LOCAL/OC question on WGNO
    Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand answers the question on the WGNO "Behind the Badge" segment....
    "Please ask Sheriff Normand if he is familiar with the legal right of citizens to openly carry pistols and how he has directed his deputies to respond when encountering a citizen who is legally armed."
    The entire video is ~9minutes long but you can skip to the 5:00 mark where our question is asked.
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    Video does not work for me.

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    Yeah....that "Freedom" crap sure is, how did he put it?.....

    ...."an anomaly in the law".

    Because anyone choosing to arm themsleves is obviously a "Wyatt Earp" wannabe.

    Good thing they've had department discussions about OC'ers and their intent to carry in order to "test law enforcement" to see how they respond to such obvious provocation.

    Seems like a guy angry at the contsraints placed on the elite "law enforcers".

    Their job is obviously to ENFORCE the law on you, the follower. Anything limiting THEM is "an anomaly in the law".

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