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Thread: Anonymous Hacker Higinio O. Ochoa Busted By FBI — Thanks To A Racy Photo

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    Herr Heckler Koch

    Anonymous Hacker Higinio O. Ochoa Busted By FBI — Thanks To A Racy Photo
    The evidence that the Federal Bureau of Investigations gathered against an alleged Galveston hacker didn’t come from a techno-chase through the expansive Internet. Instead, the FBI used the information embedded in a photograph of his girlfriend’s breasts.


    The FBI found the image in February and checked the exchangeable image file format, or EXIF data, for evidence. EXIF data is information that a digital camera imprints onto an image.

    This particular image’s EXIF data revealed that it came from an iPhone near Melbourne, Australia, which then led the FBI to Ochoa’s Facebook page.

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    This illuminates the difference between a hacker and a script kiddie...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stanley View Post
    This illuminates the difference between a hacker and a script kiddie...

    Stripping EXIF data is such a basic thing to do... it amazes me how many bad guys I find using basic "well I'll check this just in case they were too stupid to remove it" type things.

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    Herr Heckler Koch

    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Including Your Location
    But now that smartphones are quickly supplanting traditional digital cameras, and even traditional cameras now have wifi built in, many more pictures are finding their way onto the web, in places like Twitter, Flickr, Google+ and Tumblr. In a span of 10 days, popular photo social network Instagram added 10 million new users as a result of the release of its Android app and its acquisition by Facebook. And the location data hidden in these quick and candid pictures -- even when your location isn't as obvious as "standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge" -- is becoming another easy way for anyone, including law enforcement, to figure out where you are.

    Take the case of "w0rmer," a member of an Anonymous offshoot called "CabinCr3w," for example. According to the federal government (PDF), "w0rmer" broke into a number of different law enforcement databases and obtained a wealth of sensitive information. In a Twitter post, "w0rmer" provided a link to a website that contained the sensitive information as well as a picture of a woman (NSFW) posing with a sign taunting the authorities. Because the picture was taken with an iPhone 4, which contains a GPS device built in, the GPS coordinates of where the picture was taken was embedded into the picture's EXIF metadata. The FBI was able to use the EXIF data to determine that the picture was taken at a house in Wantirna South, Australia.
    None of the 10 Million here, of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herr Heckler Koch View Post
    None of the 10 Million here, of course.
    Really? I work with EXIF data every day.
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