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Thread: New to OCing

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    New to OCing

    Greetings ALL!!
    I just recently purchased my very own handgun and was looking all over the net for OCing, CCW and just general information that is out there. I stumbled onto this website and found a lot of the answer's I was hunting for. Hope to met up with some for a met and greet in the future.


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    Howdy Newcomer!
    We have meet and greets fairly regularly around these parts. Just keep an eye on this here forum and you're bound to see one coming along pretty soon. I know because I aim to host another one in less than a month from now.

    In the meanwhile, there is plenty to learn and read about on this forum, and it will help you along your way to enjoying the rights you have as an American gun owner.

    I'll be meeting up with another newcomer (Monday) later today to help him get beyond them just starting out jitters that some of us can identify with pretty well. We'll just run some errands around town while OC'ing and I believe he'll feel much better starting out in the company of someone who has grown comfortable doing so.

    Good luck and stick around. We'll have another meet and greet before too long.


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    Welcome to the forum.
    Colorado Gun Owners - COGO

    A discussion forum for Colorado Gun Owners.

    Colorado Firearm law.
    Lexis Nexis: Colorado law pertaining to firearms.
    Title 18, Article 12

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