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Thread: open carry in Virginia!!

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    open carry in Virginia!!

    i it may be stupid but i just dont want to get in any trouble for Ocing in Va but i was told by to gun store dealer that i can open carry without any permit, etc is this true? do i need any documentation with while Ocing?

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    Absolutely none. You need to be legal to own the pistol (over 18 and no criminal history), that's all. Art 1, Sec. 13 of the Virginial Commonwealth constitution makes it clear that citizens have the RIGHT (not a privilege granted by the state) to keep and bear arms. Open carry is bearing arms. That simple. I've OC'd here for 8-10 years, and very consistently for the last 5 years and NEVER had any problem with it. The Sheriff of York County came to a few of our open carry dinners, and made it clear he will make sure his dep't always respects our carry rights.

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    Weolcome to OCDO! Welcome to the freedom of not being told you must ask permission to exercise a right!

    Watch the Virginia forum for stickies about the Greater Richmond OC Breakfasts each Saturday, and the Richmond area OC dinners (usually the 2nd Tuesday of each month). No need to wait for an invitation to either function, and no requiremrnt to OC, CC, or even own a firearm to attend. Besides good companionship over good food, it's a gathering of folks who like to discuss (even marginally) firearms related stuff. Please feel free to come on out and meet us. If you are a bit unsure who we are or where we are sitting just ask the staff where all the folks with guns are - they know and like us.

    By the way - which gun store? We just might want to give an award for disproving the myth about gun store employees.

    stay safe.
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