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Thread: No Need For A Gun? Part 2

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    No Need For A Gun? Part 2

    I just got off a discussion rergarding CC and OC. I quoted the second ammendment and WI article 1 section 25. I then proceeded to explain that we all take risks in life. When we drive we take a risk: accidents. When we fly we take a risk because the plane could crash. So when we are in public there is a risk we take of getting robbed, mugged or killed by a lawbreaker aka a criminal. In this case we arm ourselves with a gun. You should have heard the clamor opposing the use of fire arms. The usual was said. Guns have killed so many. I said that DWIs and speeders etc.. kill more in a year than guns. No matter what I said they opposed my reasonings. It became clear that while they acknowledged the right they opposed that I need to carry. One of them said that what if you are not competent to carry etc...
    So I thought once again, since I am new to the game, I need all you experts to help your fellow amateur out with well reasoned thoughts on why should we bear arms. Your input is needed by me. Thankyou.

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    Just a few things that come to mind. There are many people driving on the road that have proven many times to not be competent to drive, tickets, accidents, OWIs. In order to CC I have been judged by the Wi DOJ and been found to, not be a troublemaker, never having been in serious trouble, and I am all around good law abidding citizen. Also I was judged by the founding fathers of our nation who determined that if I was a member of this great nation I should carry a weapon to defend it(this nation) from ALL people who would try to take this and other freedoms from you or me.
    The problem with most antis is that THEY want to be the judge on who is competent,and who should have what freedoms. I will stop for now as my blood pressure is rising.
    "Democracy..... Is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch,
    Liberty..... Is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Law abider View Post
    One of them said that what if you are not competent to carry etc...
    It's simple. If you are not competent to carry a gun, don't carry one.

    If you're 5 years old, don't carry a gun. If the voices in your head tell you that the trees are watching you and whispering plans to attack, don't carry a gun. If you need someone to feed you because you can't hold a spoon, don't carry a gun. If you don't know which way the bullets come out, don't carry a gun. Minimal competence with a firearm doesn't require an advanced degree. Some people like to argue that you have to be a highly trained expert with a pistol to be "competent." Nonsense. You don't need to be Ty Cobb in order to use a baseball bat to protect yourself either. If you don't present a greater than average risk to yourself or to innocent others, you may not be an expert, but you're competent.
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