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Thread: on WOKV AM690 Jacksonville?

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    Herr Heckler Koch
    Guest on WOKV AM690 Jacksonville?

    I'm visiting on Seabrook Island, South Carolina and was looking for some good rightwing talk radio. I found WOKV and Neal Boortz. And did I hear advertising on WOVK? If we boycott anti-gun businesses then we ought'a be listening to WOKV and buying from CTD.

    Tomorrow we're off to Live Oak and the Florida Bicycle Safari.

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    Yes, you certainly did hear the CTD add on 690. Been running for a while, now.
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    We also get ads down here on 610 WQAM even though we don't have any of their stores in the area.

    In know that anyone associated with ALEC, Coke and BofA no longer get my business.

    Mike V.

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