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Thread: Owning a gun in Michigan

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    Owning a gun in Michigan

    Hi, I recently attempted to purchase a shotgun from a local dealer in Waterford, Michigan. I filled out all the paperwork honestly & was denied. The only reason I can think of was because of my past. When i was 15 I got charged with CCW & MIP of a Firearm. However both of these charges were dropped down to misdemeanor charges. I know my chances of owning a gun are very slim now but any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I am not a Lawyer, nor am I fluent in Michigan statutes. First off, how old are you now? What is the legal age to purchase in Michigan? I don't think your record as a minor is relevant, were you outright "denied", or just "delayed"? Sometimes the process requires a wait period, or a delay can happen if the ATF is being overwhelmed by requests.
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