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Thread: Can you carry here??

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    Can you carry here??

    Hello everyone,

    I have two questions. First, does anyone know about carrying in churches that have an affiliated school associated with the church. Secondly, can you carry on public transportation, aka MATA, MTA, KAT, etc. I worked security at a credit union in Memphis and a member asked me and I told him I had no clue. I tried asking a firearms instructor here and Memphis and he stated as far as he knows it is a NO GO in both cases. I have asked my state rep from here in Memphis if he would get an interpretation from the Attorney General and he said that he really doesn't have the time to ask for such a request (go figure for memphis democrat). Any input y'all can give would be appreciated! I personally would carry in both instances probably concealed.

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    If the Church has a state certified school, then there is no carry anywhere on the grounds.

    There is no law against carry on public transportation.

    Sad that the firearms instructor doesn't know this and that your Rep doesn't have time for you. My Rep has submitted questions to the AG for me a couple of times and once got an opinon from the House legal staff.
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