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Thread: Mini-Meets and Micro Greets!

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    Mini-Meets and Micro Greets!

    Howdy Folks!
    We host meet and greets in Aurora and Colorado Springs from time to time and have enjoyed meeting many of you at those events. The recent Starbucks anti-protest, support meet and greets were something a little different, but gave me an idea.

    My wife and I enjoy travel, and get around the state about as much as anybody on the forum. And considering that folks have other obligations that may make attending a specific meet and greet difficult, can be real similar to herding cats! Ergo, I hit upon an idea I'd love to run by ya'll.

    Mini-Meets and Micro Greets!!!

    On a given Saturday, as an example, we could plan to mini-meet at an Aurora Starbucks at 8:00am, then another in Parker at 9:30am, followed by still another in Castle Rock at 11:00am, followed by still another in Colorado Springs at 1:00pm. The next Saturday, perhaps Fort Collins early, followed by another in Longmont, followed by one in Lakewood, followed by Highlands Ranch, etc.

    Obviously, we'd be doing micro-greets that would be of short duration (30 minutes maybe) because we'd need to travel to the next location.

    These would not replace the regular Meet and Greets that we do host from time to time along the front range.

    Does this concept strike anybody as helpful? While we are talking about short duration events with several on a given day, it would be an incentive to come out and enjoy a great cup of coffee and meet other open carriers in your area. Maybe several show up and new friendships get forged, or maybe only we show up and we end up the day with overdose jitters from too much caffeine. I don't see how it could be anything apart from useful. The concept being, if you host it, there'll be some that come.

    Feedback? Ideas? Suggestions?


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    I've been keeping my eyes open for a weekend meet-n-greet in the Fort Collins area for a while. I'd be up for a quick something one Saturday morning.
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