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    Is SD an open carry state still [seems like wording in state law varies from]? and what about open carry in a vehicle, [or also does sd honor wa CPL]
    references to specific ordinances appreciated, Thank you.

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    Yes, SD is an open carry state. I have lived right next door in Wyoming for a long time and often OC in SD. You will have to check the state laws website to verify for yourself if your cc "permit" is recognized there. It is always best to look it up for yourself.

    If you OC, keep in mind that there are a number of places where your gun will not be welcome. There are signs on some businesses, and you need to verify for yourself if there are other prohibited places. I can't think of any off hand. Except for the universal prohibition on "federal property," we don't have that problem in my corner of Wyoming.

    You sure you want to go to South Dakota? <grin>
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    I guess you cant carry in bars to.

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    South Dakota Attoney General put out a memo on Open Carry in a car. It is available to read on handgun law. South Dakota is an open carry state and there are active groups. There is several facebook pages in the South Dakota section of the forums. Correct you can not carry in bars. it states any establishment that dirives 50 percent or more you cant carry.
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    I wouldn't recommend OC in any Wells Fargo in Sioux Falls. If you are out of uniform they will freak out.

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