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Thread: oc on campus?

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    oc on campus?

    My daughter is a grand student at WKU and I would like to know where I stand when I go there.
    I don't think the school safety zone law applies to colleges?
    what about KRS65.870 Do state colleges fall under [city, county or urban-county government]?
    It is a state school with its own PD. What about going into the bldgs?
    Are there other laws that I need to know?
    I know we are still waiting on the" case
    but I don't know how/if this would effect OC. Are the streets/sidewalks going throught campus
    school owned? How do I know were the school stops ant the city begins?


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    1)It is not against the law to carry openly or concealed (provided you have a license) on a college campus in KY. 2)They CAN ask you to leave and you are REQUIRED to. 3)If your daughter carries on campus and is caught, she can be subject to academic sanctions. If it were me, I wouldn't OC because I'm sure they would hassle you. If you have a CCDW, I wouldn't worry about it at all.

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