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Thread: Why is is it so tough to be legal?

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    Why is is it so tough to be legal?

    I remember at my previous job one of the young guys that worked there had an illegal 22 revolver, which he told me he bought off the street and because he needed safety... He had practiced shooting with it many times illegally as well but as safe as he could do it in that sense I suppose. Anyway for someone to feel unsafe and need a firearm, we can all illegall buy a pistol off the street somewhere in 5 minutes if we know the right person.
    Why do the towns and state think that it is a good idea to make it a hassle or waiting game to grant us a right that the constitution already granted us? I recently read an old article from guns and ammo I think about gun myths... You should all read it, it is hilarious.

    For the record, the guy with the pistol stated he couldn't get a permit when he tried because thy hassled him with extra paperwork and questions and credit checks etc.... So he have up, good kid, just sucks he has to do it the wrong way.

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    Just goes to show what we all already know, only legal people are affected by gun laws. Criminals will be criminals no matter how many laws, gun bans, or other roadblocks are put up for gun owners the criminals will still do what they want...wish the anti gunners would understand that...
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    A person should be able to buy a gun as simple as that? Why you calling him a criminal...

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