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Thread: trip to WV

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    trip to WV

    hey gang. i was headed down 460 and seen where i was close to Princeton and since i can go home on 77, i thought, why not.
    well i also like to stop at businesses and shop around while i am in strange country. but i got to thinking i really don't know what the law is in WV for carrying. i knew there was a few posts on here about it, but i could not remember them.
    so first stop was wally world. seem ed like a new store. i went up to the counter and asked for a some 9 mm then i asked the lady at the desk about carrying in WV. now mind you i was OCing at the time, but i was a little leery of it, not exactly knowing the law. she said that you had to have a licenses to carry period (asked her twice just to be sure). but the funny thing was that no one in the store stopped me or say anything about it.

    since i wasn't sure i called one of my buddies in the VCDL to see if he knew and he got online to make sure. found out the right info. then went to Lowes home imp. just so happened to get a new girl in training. and asked her if it was legal to carry in the store. she said no problems and the old lady showing her agreed but didn't act like she liked it

    went to Dove gunshop on the way out. bought a box of hollow point 380s. tried to talk to them, but they seemed to be tight liped and didn't want to talk, very unfriendly. ammo was to high too.
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    Currently in WV, visiting family. Open carrying 100%, and loving it!

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