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Thread: setting up a meet and great question

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    setting up a meet and great question

    i was wondering, i would like to set up a meet in minnesota sometime in june, my question is due to the fact that i have never set one up and have never been to one, i dont know if i should just set one up at a random place on a whim, or if i should contact the establishment and ask for permission to meet, mn is a liberal state and i wish to not soak the rope in kerosene. any thoughts

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    Are you asking about having your meet&greet at a public location (park or the like) or someone's private property (restaurant is what comes to mind most readily)?

    The answer to parks is found in the state and local ordinances - if MN has preemption then pretty much all you will need is a reservation.

    For private property there are ways to scout out whether the location is friend or foe without asking outright. One way is to OC when you go there looking for information about the location and the availability of your preferred date/time.

    stay safe.
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