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Thread: Open Carry in New Mexico?

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    Open Carry in New Mexico?

    Hey everyone, new to this place. Been reading up a lot on open carry laws in the state of New Mexico.

    Now, before anyone goes ripping me a new one here, yes, I have done a lot of research... Not just asking a question hoping the gods will gracefully answer me.

    Anyways... First and foremost I am active duty military, and currently stationed at Fort Hood, Texas (Deployed right now... re-deploying back home this summer)
    and I'm currently a resident of Texas. I joined the Army when I was only 17 with parental release. I am originally from Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

    So now that you know all that... I'm just curious if I can carry a handgun in New Mexico WITHOUT a license? I'm eligable to purchase and handle a handgun. Just wondering if a Texas resident (Also Military) can open carry LEGALLY in New Mexico WITHOUT a license or permit of any kind. And no, I do not have any issued permits or license to carry conealed or open in any other state.

    Also... A side question... I ride a motorcycle and I understand that I can open carry a firearm in a vehicle, to include a motorcycle or bicycle... But does carrying on the hip while on said motorcycle, considered a carry on the person or on the motor vehicle? Obviously I'm not just going to place my sidearm on the fuel tank and just let it slide off.

    If anyone can also provide me with the resource, that'd be great. Thanks.


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    No license, no permit required to OC in NM regardless of home state residency.

    New Mexico is one of our "Gold Star" open carry states. There is complete state preemption of all firearms laws, open carry is increasingly common and law enforcement is well educated as to its legality. In addition, New Mexico has an extended domain law which effectively makes your vehicle an extension of your home. So you may carry openly or concealed in your vehicle.

    Your good to go on a motorcycle too, even attached to your gas tank.

    A few other generalities can be answered here.

    Thanks for your service - come home safe.
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