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Thread: Open Carry debate erupts on national forum!!!!!!

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    Open Carry debate erupts on national forum!!!!!!

    A bristling debate has erupted on the U.S. News & World Report Debate Club website over Open Carry, and the Seattle Gun Rights Examiner, joined by Minneapolis Gun Rights Examiner John Pierce, is right in the middle of it.

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    I've always found it a bit frustrating when those who are opposed removing restrictions on fundamental rights, always resort to their 'blood in the streets' theories when there are actual real life examples from many other states, that don't experience those examples and haven't in the several decades, or longer, that they've been free of said restrictions.

    (Yes, that is one bad ass run-on sentence)

    I wish those interviewing them would call them out on that more regularly.
    "...our media are palace eunuchs gazing avidly at the harem of power and stroking their impotent pens in time to the rape of our liberties."
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