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Thread: A good encounter

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    A good encounter

    I live in Fort Scott and do not get up to the KC area to often. I went to Hooters today in KCK and was open carrying as I do every day in Fort Scott. I noticed not one person said a word about it and acted like there was not even a gun on my hip. I found this great and assumed they see it all the time. When ready to leave I asked the manager (I think he was lol) if people open carry there all the time. He told me no but as long as drinking and/or trouble is not caused by some one open carrying (meaning they are not the ones causing trouble) they do not care and support the right to do so. He did not seam to know about a few things dealing with open carry but I informed him of a little. I also told him about the group up that way and how they do meets here and there. He expressed interest in seeing that happen in there. It could be a great place to educate people (per-say) on open carry. I personally give thanks and respect to the people who work there for the maturity they showed in this matter.

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    Profit is a powerful motivator.

    Though, it sounds like their ambivalence comes naturally, and not from a lack of knowledge. This may be a more accurate picture of your average citizen.

    Thanks for the report.
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    You need to be cautioned about OC


    OC in Kansas City, Kansas will get you free trip to the county jail. There is a city ordinance against that, you are lucky you were not called in on especially in the Ledgends shopping center.

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    Firstly, don't mean to bump your thread PattonIII. I see you're from Fort Scott and OC there daily correct? Just checking, as my grandparents and other extended family lives there and I'd love to OC when I visit town.

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