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Thread: GCO Executive Director needs your help....

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    GCO Executive Director needs your help....

    Jerry Henry, the Executive Director of GeorgiaCarry.Org has written a very nice piece on open carry, along with several other authors. There are also several "anti-carry" authors on the page.

    I would like to ask that you visit the website, read his article, and then vote. It would be great if we can keep his article at the top of the voting.

    His article can be found here:



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    Before I realized Jerry had written an article, I wrote the following reply to State Senator Constance Johnsons pablum which is way down the list from Jerry's nicely reasoned piece:

    "A year after open carry is signed into law, you will wonder what all the fuss and handwringing was about. The experience of 43 other states that allow open carry, seem to be plenty of evidence in its favor. Or does the senator think her fellow Oklahomans are somehow different than law abiding citizens anywhere else?

    Open carry is a non-event anywhere I've carried, including California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Colorado, Tennessee, and Louisiana. No blood running in the streets, no arguments turning into "wild west" shootouts, no women and children running for safety. Just a regular guy, shopping, banking, hiking, etc.

    Tim Brubaker

    Covington, Georgia"

    Good job Jerry, you are clearly kicking caboose with your article!

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