This is tentative plans based on weather. We will meet up with (SDOC) Vermillion Chapter, at the Restaurant at Noon, hold our meeting and eat. We will then convoy to the Range at Clay, County Park (Vermillion Pistol Club) and have a range day. This is a 100yd range open to pistol, rifle, and shotgun. Target stands are avail, all you need to bring is your weapons,ammo, targets and eye and ear protection. PLEASE remember to follow weapon and Range Saftey rules at all times. I hope to see all of you there, we welcome everyone to attend. Also Don has Challenged anyone that is willing, to a "BEST SHOT GROUP CHALLENGE". and has put up a $20.00 wager.

Date: 05-12-2012 Sat.

Location: Doggie Style Hotdog Shop
7 East Main St.
Vermillion, SD

Time: 12 NOON