I'm starting this thread to make it clear to non-regular forum viewers that the 4-27 court date, though passed, has not concluded the matter.

A good summary of the reason, and the number of attendees, was provided by BrianD:
"Interesting developments today. Briefly put, a crowd of twenty plus supporters of Harleys&Guns showed up for the trial today. However out of fifty people called for potential jury duty in this case, only 13 showed up. As you might expect a few were disqualified, so, that didn't leave enough to continue the procedings.

Another oddity: The prosecutor for this case does the same job in the next county over, so she didn't show up, sending her husband in her stead. He is presumably licensed to practice law but it's possible he's never been sworn in as an officer of this particular court.

I know that Pike County is certainly rural compared to my part of Ohio but really, not enough people to fill a jury box? A prosecutor that can't make it to the trial? These things don't happen around most of the rest of state to the best of my knowledge.

Trial postponed (this time) until June 8th. Who knows, that may interfere with the judge's duties presiding over a hog calling contest or something, but he won't realize it until the last second."

A lengthy thread on the origin of this matter can be found in the "Ohio Open Carry Discussion" section of Ohioans for Concealed Carry forums : http://ohioccwforums.org/ (registration and sign in required to get into the OC section).

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