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Thread: Its Derby Week

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    Its Derby Week

    Yesterday, was the beginning of Derby Week. I desided to celebrate by attending the Cherokee Triangle Art Festival in Louisville. The Cherokee Triangle Art Festival is a street fair where artists and craftman of all types display their wares in small portable booths or tents. It is held every year just off Bardstown Rd., near Cherokee Park, in Louisville. All the streets in this neighborhood are closed for this fair. This is the largest art and craft festival in Louisville except for the St. James Court Art Festival held in the fall. This is yuppydom at its finest. Naturally, I was OC. I expected some gasps, comments, perhaps a few fainting women, and police contact. There was no reaction at all. I was walking around for about three hours and not one word was said about my gun. I don't know how it could have been missed, It was a huge Taurus Model 608, 8 shot, stainless, 357 Magnum. I mingled with the crowd, Exchanged smalltalk with lot of people, sat and ate at the food tent, relaxed sitting in the sun by the fountain, talked and bargained with vendors and bought a few things and returned home without any incidents at all. It always amazes me that nothing happens in places where you would expect it to happen and does happen when and where you least expect it.
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    Maybe if you expected nothing to happen, then you would have more about which to write home.
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