I can only guess that the NRA's focus of the Right To Bear Arms instead of the more important Right To Form A Militia is politically motivated. This appears to be deliberate misdirection by the NRA. Anyone with military background knows that the first place a tyrannical government will attack is the enemy's weapon's cache. Does anyone realize this might be the reason the US Government insists upon gun registration? Our greatest strength against a tyrannical government is the right of all citizens to form a militia regulated by itself which is completely free of government control. Without establishing this NOW we remain defenseless. I must assume the NRA is intelligent enough to know this, yet this most important constitutional ammendment holds second place in their efforts. Why? My opinion is that the US government by the second ammendment has absolutely no jurisdiction regarding our weapons. None! Their having any ability to access information regarding citizens weaponry will only serve to erode our effectiveness against government tyranny. All of this should be common sense. But frighteningly it is not. Do not forget these words, hopefully we will never regret the day we ignored them. A MILITIA BY DESIGN TO BE PREPARED AGAINST A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT MUST KEEP THE LOCATION OF ITS WEAPONS CACHE SECRET.