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Thread: MD scores "D-" for corruption in recent report...

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    MD scores "D-" for corruption in recent report...

    The "Center for Public Integrity" recently scored Maryland a "D-" for their risk of corruption.

    Gee, ya think?

    But then again, they DID rate New Jersey with their highest score a "B+", California got a "B-", and Virginia with an "F" so you gotta take their rating system with a grain of salt...

    It appears their ratings are based mostly on access to information for the public, auditing practices, and the ability of the public to put activist judges into place, and have very little to do with actual incidents of blatant corruption among LEAs, politicians or the Courts, corruption-related convictions of public officials and servants, and officially-sanctioned oppression of 1A, 2A and 4A rights.

    Based on THOSE criteria, MD would actually score a negative number, based solely on the amount of money they pay out annually in LE-related civil rights violation lawsuits...
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