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Thread: Customer Service - the Good, The Bad, and the Nightmares

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    Customer Service - the Good, The Bad, and the Nightmares

    I have heard some real horror stories about the "customer service" practices of some firearms (and also firearm accessories) manufacturers. I just had an amazing interaction with the folks at LaserLyte, that began when my RSL-1 (Rear Sight Laser for Glocks - one of their first models) decided it was tired of working properly. The RSL became extremely resistant to being turned off - drained a set of batteries. Installed new batteries, and it took me 20+ complete switch cycles (3 presses per cycle) to turn it off again. So I emailed LaserLyte yesterday (Sunday), explaining the problem to them, and got a reply first thing this morning. I bought this unit in Oregon in the latter-half of 2010, and with no paperwork available, not even a roughly accurate purchase date, their reply said (in-part): "Thank you so much for getting back to me. I am having a new RTB-GL tested and sent out to you. The RTB-GL is the newest version of the RL-1 laser that you have. You will get the UPS tracking information emailed to you once it is shipped. I’m also including a postage paid envelope for the return of the defective unit. Once received, please place the defective unit into the postage paid envelope and send it back via U.S. Mail. If I may be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me."
    WOW! There are still some companies that apparently believe that customer satisfaction is the key to their continued success. It was a pleasure doing business with them, and LaserLyte will be my first choice if/when I decide to put a laser on my G23. Any other customer service stories out there - good, bad or indifferent? I think it's good if we know which companies treat customers right, and which companies don't. Pax...
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    P.S. Two of the things I like about the LaserLyte is that it replaces the rear sight, and does not require hunting for a special holster.

    P.P.S. I got the shipping confirmation notice and they even shipped the sight 2nd Day Air, with a postage paid envelope for the return of the defective unit! (UPS just delivered it as I was typing that line)
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