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Thread: Returning to CT next week and looking to get back into the issues

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    Returning to CT next week and looking to get back into the issues

    If, after reading this post, you would like to help in addressing Connecticut Firearm issues, please consider sending your contact information to me at:

    Solving the problems and issues regarding firearms in Connecticut will take more than an annual 3 hour Second Amendment Rally at the State Capitol or selective support for individuals seeking public office.

    There are many issues listed that need to be identified and addressed.

    Your involvement may be the key.

    For the record, I have and do support LAW ENFORCEMENT and the dedicated men and women who serve us day and night.

    I would like nothing more than to convince every member of law enforcement that we ARE NOT the bad guys.

    Regardless of whether you are reading this as a liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican libertarian or a member of the Tea Party or Occupy movement, please take the time to think about the issues I present.

    I can't help but wonder why we as individuals who own firearms post messages on the internet and discuss issues without any organized plan(s) to address the issues head-on.

    I have spent the past five years of my life listening, reading and discussing firearm issues with individuals and groups in Connecticut and other states.

    Ask anyone, and you will find that I have met and made many friends, (and some enemies), because of my involvement and opinions on firearms.

    My very short experience with Connecticut firearms issues, leads me to believe that the following topics represent areas that need to be addressed and understood by everyone involved.

    The roll of Law Enforcement in Second Amendment Rights

    The roll of the courts in Second Amendment Rights

    The use of firearms for self defense, hunting or investments

    The need or lack of need for Permits and Eligibility Certificates

    The current Permit Application process

    The suitability requisite as it is currently determined by issuing authorities

    The need for mandatory, (state specific), training

    The need for expedited appeals of Firearm related issues

    Legislation, Repealing or amending existing Connecticut law

    Legislation, the need for new law following Heller and McDonald

    Eligibility requirements to acquire and/or possess firearms

    Possession of registered and unregistered firearms

    The prohibitions against acquisition or possession of "ASSUALT TYPE WEAPONS"

    The use or lack of use of "Risk Warrants" to seize firearms from an individualís home

    Problems with reporting mandates for lost or stolen firearms

    Supporting those who have been wrongly accused or arrested in firearm cases

    Specific and meaningful litigation when necessary

    Addressing the Media and demanding balanced reporting on firearm issues

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    Generally, any group approach leads to compromises within the group itself. And, like the NRA, this leads to a group that actually supports gun control measures.

    And while you have been gone, I have contacted members of our legislature regarding many of the points you raised. 99% are not responsive and those that are responsive still will not advance any new legislation favorable to gun rights due to the lack of realistic passage.

    It is clear that our assault weapons ban and registration of guns is unconstitutional and the penalties are way outta line.

    The courts are going to be our only method of changing things and this will be done in federal court. We don't have to do anything really. Recent cases in the east have said that our rights don't end at our driveway while in the midwest, they do. So, I see it as a waiting game in this respect.

    As far as legislation being introduced to further restrict our rights, like last years 10-rd magazine ban that was pounded in the sand, this can be best handled by people going to the committee meetings and voicing their opinion there (its the only opportunity to voice your opinion to the house members as a whole).

    Look at bills that have been given support on this forum .. I find that most of them actually increase gun control measures.

    This forum can be useful in highlighting new gun control bills put out there ... but folks have to know that once a bill is introduced, its only a matter of days before the bill goes before the committee for opinions to be heard before that committee. One can just introduce written arguments too.

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    Ah! It'll be good to have you back in town Ed!
    D. T. Doutel

    What is to the lawyer or cop a "material misrepresentation of the facts", and to the politician "misspeaking" is, in common parlance, a bald-faced lie. And don't let anyone tell you different!

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    The Organization that hosted a 2A rally in Connecticut can and does do more than just host a rally. Since there is only one Connecticut organization that I know of that hosted a 2A rally in Connecticut (Connecticut Citizens Defense League), there is an apparent presumption that we do no more than the OP claims.

    There are things that go on behind the scenes by key members of CCDL that have been done that at this time may not be disclosed for several reasons. One of which there is still a legislative session going on and we do not want to give enemies of gun rights our play book. There are other reasons as well, I am sure the OP could figure out why if he thought about it since he is a real smart guy.

    While I at one time had a lot of respect for OP, I now have little or none at all. Regardless of what he does or attempts to do for 2A rights in this State, it is not at all productive to assail (even backhandedly) people that are doing their level best to make things better in CT to promote himself or any other organization. It really does speak to his character...

    We (CCDL) have built tremendous bridges with law makers in CT, and the video footage from the event speaks volumes about the courage these people had to stand and make statements about the 2nd Amendment in a positive way. I applaud their courage in a State that is not exactly friendly for gun owners.

    Scott Wilson
    CCDL, Inc.

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    One is better than non

    Remember Scott many numbers are better than a few, or at least compromise and inform the public at large not just a few. maybe you ought to shake hands and listen what he has to offer.

    Are you afraid to sit and talk, hiding something. Maybe becoming a Non-profit or Not for profit would be the first right step.
    "It is nice to be important, but more important to be nice"
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