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Thread: Conducted Energy Devices (CEDs) and Citizen Injuries: The Shocking Truth

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    Herr Heckler Koch

    Conducted Energy Devices (CEDs) and Citizen Injuries: The Shocking Truth
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    As one of the contemporary additions to the use of force spectrum, conducted energy devices (CEDs) have been surrounded by controversy. Such concerns have fueled a number of studies, many of which have attempted to examine the relationship between CEDs and citizen injuries. This limited body of research, however, has produced inconsistent results and suffers from a number of documented drawbacks. Drawing on data collected as part of a national multi‐agency use of force project, the current study analyzes nearly 14,000 use‐of‐force incidents across seven agencies, over 2,600 of which involve a CED, to assess the potential impact of CEDs on citizen injuries. In doing so, a series of multivariate statistical models are employed that isolate CED cases and compare them to a number of both hands‐on and weapon‐based tactics. Unlike previous research, which often highlights the beneficial aspects of CEDs in relation to injuries, our findings generally show an increased risk between the use of CEDs and citizen injuries. As such, more research is needed before deriving any conclusions as to the “safeness” of CEDs, especially in relation to the choice between using a CED or an alternative means of dispute resolution (either hands‐on physical force or another weapon).
    Police Quarterly

    Focal Concerns and Police Use of Force
    Examining the Factors Associated with Taser Use

    Matthew S. Crow
    Brittany Adrion

    University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL, USA

    Matthew S. Crow, School of Justice Studies & Social Work, University of West Florida, 11000 University Parkway, Pensacola, FL 32514, USA Email: mcrow{at}

    Quote Originally Posted by Abstract

    The use of force by police officers is a regular source of interest among the public, media, scholars, and criminal justice professionals. Tasers have emerged as an important and increasingly popular technology for police departments. Despite the increasing adoption and use of Tasers and the controversy surrounding their use, relatively little prior research examines the factors associated with Taser use by police officers. Guided by the focal concerns theoretical perspective, the current study uses data from a medium-size police department to analyze the factors that influence Taser use. Logistic regression models provide evidence that Taser use is influenced by suspect resistance as well as the race and gender of the suspect involved. Implications for policy and research are discussed.

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