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Thread: Water Guns Banned Real Guns Allowed.......

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    Water Guns Banned Real Guns Allowed.......

    Interesting read from Florida. Typical Elitist attitude, why should regular people need guns??
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    Buckhorn said last month that the state law, which prohibits the city from temporarily banning handguns, makes the city "look silly" because officials can prohibit water guns but not real ones, The Associated Press reported.
    Yes, very silly indeed.
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    "There is no reason to have a concealed firearm in downtown Tampa that week," Buckhorn said.
    Is he insane?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beretta92FSLady
    I am no victim, just a poor college student who looks to the day where the rich have the living piss taxed out of them.

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    Buckhorn is a tool. Does he not realize that police are not obligated to protect us?

    I find it funny that they are banning shields and baton. They wouldn't want citizens using their tools of enforcement against them.
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    "There is no reason to have a concealed firearm in downtown Tampa that week," Buckhorn said in Wednesday's statement. "And, to be clear, I am far less concerned with those who have concealed weapons permits than the ones who may somehow acquire a weapon and use it to create mayhem."

    Because we all know anyone intent on causing mayhem wouldn't be able to if we pass a law against it.
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