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Thread: Need Billings attorney referral ASAP

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    Need Billings attorney referral ASAP

    Close friend in MT needs assistance.

    The Yellowstone County Attorney won't release guns seized when my buddy was arrested for misdemeanor DUI, saying he is "concerned" about releasing them given the guy's prior charges and DUI.

    Please get over the DUI part of it - it was stupid, he knows it, don't bother posting about it.

    He has no state or federal prohibitions for the possession of firearms. He has even obtained and purchased, with appropriate BATFE paperwork (including the background check and fingerprints) AFTER the arrest (it was a year ago January) a suppressor.

    He is not on probation (successfully completed it already) and has never had any disqualifying event in his lifetime. No felonies, no domestic violence, no drug addiction.

    I need to get him a Billings lawyer to hire to write a threatening letter and follow through with litigation, seeking attorney fees.

    My buddy can pay.

    Your referrals would be appreciated.

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    Sent PM with info.
    Don't limit yourself to a local attorney...
    Many cases can be dealt with via email & fax.

    If there isn't a law saying that the guns must be kept, the DA can't keep them unless he wants to pay to defend against a civil rights lawsuit, then pay damages. (Or have his employer pay.)
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