To ALL Whom are Concerned:

Governor Nathan Deal Signed into Law Georgia Bill 432!

Georgia Law now Preempts Knife Regulations Exclusively to The State of Georgia, to The Exclusion of Local Governments!

The Bill is Viewable here:

This Law Appears to take Effect July. 1, 2012!

All Local Laws Governing Knives are now Preempted, under This Legislation, and MUST be Removed from City Code Books and County Code Books!

Local Governments throughout Georgia could NOT Regulate Firearms or Firearm-related Matters under Georgia Code 16-11-173(b)(1)..., so They Retaliated by Regulating Hand-Held Weaponry. Now..., Knives are beyond The Realm of Permissible Regulation under Georgia Law and MUST be Removed from Local Regulations as well!


*** Hopefully..., Governor Nathan Deal will ALSO Sign into Law Senate Bill 350! This Legislative Bill GRANTS Automatic Universal Reciprocity AND Requires Firearms to be Returned to Innocent Owners! ***