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Thread: New Mexico Restores Arizona CCW Reciprocity

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    New Mexico Restores Arizona CCW Reciprocity

    There has been a lot of confusion and angst about New Mexico dropping recognition of the Arizona CCW (along with 10 other states). Fortunately Gov. Susana Martinez reacted to the tsunami or firestorm of emails and had the New Mexico DPS restore those reciprocities and recognitions. As of May 1, 2012 this is the reciprocity list:

    Gov. Martinez is an NRA member and made perfect scores on the live fire portion on the NM CCW permit test with the 45 auto and 38 revolver. I hope that this allays a lot of the consternation that has resulted from this. My son and daughter-in-law live in New Mexico and I travel there often. I have both Arizona and Utah CCW permits.

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    Somebody went to the woodshed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonora Rebel View Post
    Somebody went to the woodshed.
    And came out with an attitude adjustment!

    Glad to see it was restored.
    "Let your gun be your constant companion during your walks" ~Thomas Jefferson

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